Dolphin View Family Resort - "The Shady Octopus" Game room

The Game room is located between Rainbow Parrot House and Dolphin View house, next to a seating and barbeque area.

"The Shady Octopus" Game room

Nestled between the two houses is the common area with the game room and the sitting area under the thatched umbrella next to the two grills.

The Game room features first and foremost a pool table. There is also a ping pong table that can sit atop the pool table. Sink into a deep maroon leather sofa or enjoy a drink at the two tables with bar stools. In the other end there is a bar with a stereo, refrigerator and a dart area. Mounted high on the wall is a flat screen TV. The decor is a mixture of marine and kitsch, with a couple of life sized wooden statues among antique guns and rifles.

The light fixture in the form of a mounted shark is a nice touch over the pool table.

The Generator Shed

The Generator Shed houses a 30 KW diesel generator that provides enough power to run all the houses on the property.

Details for the whole Family Retreat

  • Price:
  • Location:
  • Units on Property:
    5 rental units
  • Size of homes:
    3800 sq ft.
  • Size of lot:
    19,430 sq ft.
  • Bedrooms:
  • Bathrooms:
  • Generator:
    30 KW
  • Additional:
    Game Room Cottage

Video of The Game Room Cottage "Shady Octopus" and the Generator Shed

Photos of The Game Room Cottage and The Generator Shed

The Gameroom is Called "Shady Octopus"