Atlantic Ocean Beach Front Property - Dolphin View Family Retreat

Consisting of Dolphin View House, Rainbow Parrot House, Pineapple Shack and Shady Octopus Game room

Video of Dolphin View Family Retreat Showing All Buildings

Aerial & Grounds Video of Dolphin View Family Retreat

Description of Dolphin View Family Retreat

This unique Beach Front Compound in Great Guana Cay is now for sale. Colorful, well made in island style this property is perfect for a big family or as a rental for tourists. It is centrally located on the Atlantic side of the cay. The Harbor and the Settlement is only a minute walk away. This compound consists of 5 – possibly 6 apartments - in 4 different buildings. Two houses have apartments both upstairs and downstairs.

In between the two houses you’ll find the Game Room (Shady Octopus) and the Studio Cottage (Pineapple Shack). Half the studio cottage is dedicated to the garage/work shop.

The Game Room Cottage can be made into a rental unit if one adds a kitchen and a bathroom. Otherwise, if one wants the property for a big family, the game room might become the most popular room on the compound. It has a Pool table and a Ping-pong table and a cool shark made into a light holder over the table.

This property is located next to Nipper’s Beach Bar & Restaurant, but at the far side of the bar, with the restaurant between. It is away from the noise, except on Sundays when Nipper’s have their famous Pig Roast with loud music and dancing on the tables. There are trees protecting this property from the view to Nipper’s, so the compound seem very private.

The Dolphin View House on the beach has a magnificent view to the beach and ocean. With a wrap around deck and a covered porch both in the front and the back of the house, there is always some breeze to catch. Private beach stairs takes you down to the powder white, several miles long beach. The theme for this house is marine, with mounted, tropical fish on several walls in the upper unit. The Rainbow Parrot House is pulled back on the property, so sits as far as possible from the Dolphin View House. The theme for this cottage is also tropical, with tropical birds and parrots on the top floor, while the ground floor has a tropical frog theme. The top unit has a wrap around deck, and both units have covered porches.

A separate Generator Shed (The Power Plant) contains a 35KW stand-by-generator, which supplies all the power needed for all apartments.

This well kept compound has a great rental history, and nothing needs to be done or repaired before you can start making money. You can easily run a Bed & Breakfast there by turning the Game Room Cottage into a small breakfast restaurant for your guests.

If you are tired of just planning for the future, this is your chance to take action and capture a place where your whole family can gather for vacations and create memories for years to come.

Details for the whole Family Retreat

  • Price:
  • Location:
  • Units on Property:
    5 rental units
  • Size of homes:
    3800 sq ft.
  • Size of lot:
    19,430 sq ft.
  • Bedrooms:
  • Bathrooms:
  • Generator:
    30 KW
  • Additional:
    Game Room Cottage